About us

Digital architecture

FRQNC is an architect for digital business models. We support companies in any industry, size and in every phase of the company´s transformation. We see ourselfes as a strategic sparring partner, an innovation hub for digital business models and implementation partner. We are passionately digitizing business and customer processes, develop new digital services and the necessary solutions for your business model.

Change and Transformation

There are no “learned-success-factor-models” or “ready-to-implement-concepts” for digital transformation. For us, it is a change process in the triad of strategy, technology and organizational development. Together with you we work out new digital solutions, develop technological innovations and support to build up in-house competence and structures as a part of the human resource and organizational development.
We offer exclusive access to our network of technology-leading digital technologies, secure project risks and, if necessary, control the entire digital transformation of your company.